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Bike components and their purpose

Tires, tubes, wheels and hubs

Having the right bike tires, tubes, wheels and hubs greatly impacts your bike's rolling performance. A spare tube fixes flat tires, while choosing the right tire for your terrain improves grip and reduces resistance. Upgrading to a new wheelset enhances acceleration and speed. Fresh hubs with non-creaking bearings improve efficiency and make your ride quieter and more enjoyable.

Bike drivetrain systems

Bike drivetrain systems consist of cassettes, chains, chainrings, and derailleurs. These components make up the engine of your bike, enabling forward motion.

Bike pedals and cleats

Bike pedals and cleats allow you to transfer power to the drivetrain. Pedals come in many different forms as either flat or clipless pedals for different disciplines, including road cycling, mountain biking or urban commuting.

Bike saddles and seat posts

Bike saddles and seat posts are the central point of comfort on a bike. When buying a bike saddle, ensure you choose one that aligns with your riding style and intended use. When buying a seat post make sure you buy the correct sized post that matches your seat post slot.

Bike brakes, pads and rotors

Bike brakes, pads and rotors allow you to slow down, navigate turns, and respond quickly to unexpected obstacles while riding.

Bike handlebars, headsets and stems

Handlebars, headsets and stems form the control center of your bike, enabling smooth and efficient steering.

Bike service parts

Bike service parts are reserved for bike services and are used when a particular component needs replacement or repair.