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Bike pedals and cleats

Choosing the right pedal

Next to the wheels and the chain, the pedal is one of the most important components of a bike. With each push of the pedal, you unlock the freedom to journey. There are 2 different types of pedals you can choose from. The first pedal you could use is the flat pedal and the other pedal is the clipless pedal.

Many riders use the flat pedal as their standard pedal. Flat pedals allow you to be more technical, change your foot position wherever you want, and the pedal does not require specific shoes to be worn to use it. Not all flat pedals are the same, some are equipped with metal pins on the surface to help your grip while riding. The grip allows you to be more explosive while riding and transfer power more effectively. The flat pedal works best when you are either mountain biking, practicing technical tricks, or looking for a casual ride.

If you are looking for a faster ride, pedal retention and a better connection with your bike, a clipless pedal is perfect for you. The clipless pedal gives you more power per pedal stroke. To use a clipless pedal, you must have a compatible shoe installed with the proper cleat for the pedal. There are two types of clipless pedals you can use, the 2-hole clipless pedal is an easier to use pedal that allows riders to clip-in on either side, this pedal works best for mountain biking, long distance riding and city commuting. The 3-hole clipless pedal gives you the most power transfer, this pedal works best for riders who are looking to achieve higher speeds.

Still unsure with what pedal to use, check out this helpful guide on how to choose bike pedals.