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    Bike roof racks for easy transport

    When there’s a new trail to check out but it’s a little out of your cycling range, it’s time to load up for a road trip. For those times when your bike won’t get you somewhere you want to ride it, bike roof racks are there to bridge the gap.

    A bike roof rack is a straightforward way to transport your bike. Designed to mount easily onto built-in or accessory car racks, bike roof racks keep your bike up and out of harm’s way for the drive without taking up space in your car. Different options for bike roof racks include tool-free installation, options for different numbers of bikes and whether you need to remove the front tire for transport. Make sure to flip through the selection to find the one that works best for your car and your bike.

    For further options when it comes to transporting your bike by car, check out trunk-mounted bike racks and hitch-mounted bike racks that might better suit your vehicle. If you’re getting ready for an even longer journey, try our bike cases and travel bags to keep your bike protected.