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Electric bikes to smooth out your city commute

Where there are long commutes, daunting hills and corners of the city that seem just out of your cycling range, there’s an electric bike to ease the way.

Electric bikes – or e-bikes – are similar to regular bikes, but instead of relying entirely on your leg power to make it to your destination, an electric bike offers another option: pedal assist, which engages a battery-powered motor to give your pedaling more oomph. What does that mean for you? With each pedal doing more work than on a normal bike, it means you can go farther without worrying about working up too much of a sweat. Put simply, it makes biking easier on the rider.

E-bikes are designed for urban use, often equipped with smooth-rolling tires to ease the way on paved roads. If you’re looking to commute to work on your bike or just extend your comfortable range for exploration, an electric bike helps cut out some of the difficulties. With a range of pedal assist settings, you stay in control of your ride. Keep an eye out for models with wheel sensors that can record your ride data and send it to your phone.

Get ready to hit the road a little smoother than before – and don’t forget the helmet!