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Touring bikes

Touring bikes

Bike packing is one of the most sustainable ways to explore the outdoors. Any bike is an adventure bike, but the best adventure bikes are touring bikes.

What makes a bike a touring bike?

  • Front and rear rack capabilities
  • Clearance for all terrain tires
  • Wider handlebars for comfort
  • Clearance for fenders
  • A frame with geometry that is built for comfort
  • Multiple water bottle holder bolts

When finding a bike that is perfect for bike touring always think of comfort as a main goal. When riding for long periods of time it is not ideal to be on a bike that makes the ride inefficient, especially on multiple day trips. Your bike does not have to have everything on the checklist above, but having at least half of the elements listed is important.

Knowing how to bike pack effectively is just as important as what bike you choose. These helpful guides on how to choose the right bike bags, a bikepacking checklist and understanding bike frame geometry will help you buy and build the best touring bike for your needs.