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Commuter bikes & urban bikes

Urban and commuter bikes

Bike commuting is a fast, healthy, environmentally friendly and economical way to get around. Commuting to work or events via cycling is becoming more popular everyday.

Urban commuters are the most popular type of bikes for city commuting. With an inexpensive and rider-friendly design urban commuters supply comfort, cargo carrying ability, and durability. If you want to have a bike you can ride at any given time, an urban commuter is the best choice.

When it comes to choosing an urban or commuter bike, identifying what biking you’ll be doing is the first step. If you are commuting from home to work, a bike that has proper dropouts for racking capabilities is something to look out for. It's also ideal to check if the frame has proper clearance for fenders so you can weatherproof your bike for all types of conditions.

Commuters come in various levels, the difference between one commuter bike to the next is usually the braking system, material mold on the bike and the drivetrain group set. The more expensive the bike is the better the components but that does not mean an inexpensive urban commuter won’t get you from point A to point B, it just won’t do it as efficiently.

When setting up a proper urban commuter bike there are essential accessories you need along with your bike. A helmet, bell, lock and lights will help you be more prepared and safer on the roads while commuting.

For more tips on urban cycling check out these helpful guides that teach you about choosing the right lights, locking your bike efficiently and choosing the correct cargo for your commuter set-up.