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Cycling shoes to give you edge on the road or the trail

For casual cycling, regular comfy shoes will typically get the job done. But if you’re looking to improve your performance, reduce foot fatigue and take your cycling experience to the next level, a proper pair of cycling shoes is a great place to start.

Different shoes are specialized for different types of cycling. Mountain bikers or casual commuters might look for shoes that work with a flat pedal. Soft, grippy soles will help keep your feet on the pedals, while deep lugs and somewhat flexible construction will let you walk comfortably when you need to get past muddy terrain or make a quick stop for coffee.

If you’re looking to go clipless, there are a few more options depending on your cleats and pedals – the whole system needs to mesh. For bike touring or a commute, look for shoes that’ll let you switch easily between walking and cycling. Shoes for road cycling have the stiffest construction, optimized for long stretches of uninterrupted cycling. The stiffness allows for a more efficient transfer of energy between you and your bike, making them great for endurance, but uncomfortable to walk in.

With the right shoes, a pair of bike socks and a helmet to finish the ensemble, you’ll be ready to tackle your next cycling adventure – or your next trip to work.