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Bike panniers

Choosing the right pannier

A commuter set up is not complete without panniers on your bike rack. Panniers help you carry cargo on your bike without straining your back or getting the infamous backpack sweat. Whether you are doing a quick grocery store run, biking to work, or doing some serious bike packing, a pannier will be the most efficient way to carry your load.

Panniers come in assorted styles and sizes, knowing what size works best for you and your commute is important when looking for the right pannier. A pannier’s size is measured using litres , they also come single or in a pair. If you buy a single pannier, make sure you don’t put too much weight on one side because it could throw off the weight distribution. It’s best to buy a pair distribute the weight of your cargo.

A key thing to look out for is if your pannier is weatherproof. A quality pannier comes with a waterproof cover or has a waterproof body that can protect your property during bad weather. Before you buy a pannier make sure that your bike is equipped with either a front or rear bike rack, if you are unsure about whether your bike is compatible visit your local MEC bike shop to find out.