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Ways to track, train and navigate

With help from satellites, GPS bike computers get you where you want to go and provide lots of data. Navigation-focused GPS units come loaded with regional maps (i.e., buy one from MEC and it’ll have maps for Canada and the US). Performance-focused units use GPS to track speed, distance, climbs and more.

Garmin and Wahoo Fitness are two big names in bike computers. The Garmin Edge line spans everything from simple GPS to full mapping units for bike touring. Wahoo Elemnt units focus on performance, and top-tier models come with routable maps.

Want a simple option? An affordable wheel-based computer is a great way to see speed, distance and time. Since it only requires your wheel or cranks to be spinning (unlike a GPS computer that requires your bike to be moving), it works when your bike is on a trainer. Cat Eye has been perfecting them for decades.

Mounting and sensors, too

Mounting options include top tube mounts, easy-to-swap mounts, even handlebar mounts for your phone or GPS watch so you can dip into cycling metrics with a device you already own. Want more details? Sensors pair with bike computers to tell you more about how you train: track watts with pedal-mounted power meters, cadence from your cranks, or calories with a heart rate monitor. Note: the simpler the computer, the less sensor options it will have.