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Batteries to keep your devices powered

For everything from your flashlight and camera to your GPS and radio, your electronics need batteries to function. At home or on the go, make sure you’ve got the batteries you need to keep your essentials powered, and a couple extras in case you need more in a pinch.

There are three basic types of batteries: lithium batteries, alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries. Here’s a quick overview of each.

Lithium batteries:

  • Are often reusable, meaning many rechargeable batteries are lithium batteries
  • Provide a consistent output regardless of charge, so a nearly empty battery performs the same as a fresh one, making them a great choice when consistent output is critical

Alkaline batteries:

  • Are easier to recycle than lithium batteries
  • Are cost-effective due to typically being single-use and made from inexpensive materials
  • Have a very low fire risk

Rechargeable batteries:

  • Can be used for more than the life of one charge
  • Save money and waste over time
  • Require the appropriate equipment to recharge

Check out our options to find a set of batteries that works best for your gear.