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Hiking boots

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    Answer the call of the wild with the right hiking boots

    Tackle bucket-list national park hikes or local trails with ease in rugged boots from Salomon, La Sportiva, Oboz and more.

    Grippy soles keep you sure-footed on slick mud and loose gravel. Rubber toecaps stand up to rocks and roots, and GORE-TEX® waterproofing keeps you dry through puddles and stream crossings.

    How to choose hiking boots

    With so many types available, how do you decide which hiking boots are best for you?

    The right hiking boots will depend a lot on what sort of hiking you'll be doing, in what conditions. Start by thinking about what kind of hiking you plan to do. Short day hikes or multi-day backcountry trips? Well-travelled trails or rugged route-finding missions? What will the weather and conditions be like on the trail?

    Here are some features to consider when choosing new hiking boots:

    Ankle support

    The last thing you want when you're hiking is an ankle sprain. If you'll be hiking on uneven ground or rugged routes, look for higher-cut backpacking boots with more ankle support when you’re covering technical terrain and carrying heavy loads. For mellow hikes, you could also wear hiking shoes or even trail running shoes.

    Traction & waterproofing

    If you're planning on hiking in wet conditions, look for boots with good traction on the soles, so they won't slide around or cause you to slip when the weather takes a turn. You'll also want to look for waterproof or water resistant boots to keep your feet dry.

    Good fit

    Make sure your boots fit well. You want to have enough room to wiggle your toes but not so much that your feet slide around in the boots.


    Look for shoes that are more breathable if you'll be hiking in hot or warm conditions to keep your feet cool.


    You want your hiking boots to last, so look for high quality boots that'll be able to withstand rigorous hikes and be stable and comfortable for logging lots of kilometers.


    If you're planning on hiking long routes or backpacking, you'll want lighter boots so they're less tiring to wear on long hikes, but the downside of lighter boots is that they can be less durable and supportive.

    No matter which boots you pick, pair them with hiking socks to keep your feet blister-free and comfortable.

    After-hike essentials

    After a long day’s hike, slide into slippers or booties. Cozy wool and synthetic insulation keep your feet toasty while you cook dinner or lounge around the cabin. In between trips, it’s a good idea to give your boots a little TLC. Cleaning your hiking boots helps them last longer (and stay waterproof). If your boots are full-grain leather, you’ll also want to condition them to keep them supple.