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Field guides

Field guides to help you learn about the outdoors

From edible plants you might find around Banff to the birds you can expect to hear in Algonquin, field guides equip you with the knowledge you need to explore with confidence.

For those curious about the plants that bring life and colour to the backcountry, check out plant field guides. They’ll cover topics like which plants you can eat (and which ones will hurt you) as well as broadly what kinds of plants you’ll likely find at your destination.

Animal field guides touch on identifying tracks and other animal markers and further information about local wildlife. It’s the kind of knowledge that’ll help you appreciate the wildlife while keeping it (and yourself) safe in the meantime.

Weather and sky field guides are your friend when it comes to packing. Knowing what to expect from local weather patterns can help you come prepared. Other guides in this category include those that’ll teach you about the stars overhead, their names, stories and their use in navigation.

Finally, geology field guides can teach you about the earth and rocks in a given area. Keep an eye out for the composition of the ground around you and what kinds of minerals you might spot on your next hike.