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Maps and guidebooks to make the most of your trip

Whether you’re headed to your favourite national park or a hiking trail you’ve never tried, the right map or guidebook makes for a great companion. Explore with confidence or learn something new – all without needing an internet connection to guide you.

Trail, topographical and digital maps range from straightforward options that show you the lay of the land to more intensive breakdowns of what a region might contain. They can outline trails, towns and points of interest, among other things. They’re a great navigational tool both on and off the grid, especially when used with a compass.

Guidebooks for hiking, skiing and climbing take you a step beyond what a map offers alone. They provide more detailed information about the region they cover with inclusions like climate and weather information, local flora and fauna, travel tips and more. If you really want to dig into the place you’re visiting, take a look to see if a relevant guidebook is available.

Field guides are less focused on navigation and more focused on information. If you want to learn about things like edible plants, animal tracks or other general wilderness information, a field guide is what you’re looking for. They’re often widely applicable to different regions, so you’ll get use out of them across a variety of outings.