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Cross country ski boots

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    How to choose cross-country ski boots

    Cross-country ski boots are your trusty sidekick helping you navigate through snowy trails with lightweight and comfortable material.

    There are two types of cross-country skiing, skate skiing and classic skiing, and the boots you need for each will differ, just like the cross-country skis and cross-country bindings they pair with.

    Skate skiing boots are built with speed and agility in mind with their sleek and aerodynamic design. Rigid ankles help you stay stable and agile when turning or changing direction. These boots optimize your speed and control on snow-covered trails and allow for max power transfer with each glide.

    At the intersection of functionality and reliability we have classic cross-country skiing boots, with the flexibility and support to let you easily take on the straight-forward stride. Classic ski boots boast a more flexible ankle than skate skiing boots, and work with your bindings to let your heel lift as you glide forward.

    Before you pick up your new pair of cross-country ski boots from brands like Rossignol, Salomon and Alpina, check out our article on how to choose cross-country ski boots for tips and tricks on fit, sizing and choosing the right bindings.