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Ski and snowboard bags to carry and protect your gear

From the garage to the car to the walk up the hill, ski and snowboard bags are a great companion for your winter outings. Designed to make carrying your gear a breeze, they’re invaluable when you need to move your skis or board on foot – ideally without all the awkward fumbling that normally comes with the territory.

Choosing a ski and snowboard bag

The first question you need to answer when choosing your bag: what are you carrying? If you’re just looking for something to store your skis or snowboard, there are bags that’ll do just that without being weighed down by extra bells and whistles.

If you’ve got more gear to carry, check out bags that are designed to hold your ski and snow helmets, ski and snow goggles and more. They’re great options when a regular backpack won’t cut it (so you don’t have to struggle with cramming your helmet into a space it doesn’t fit).

For longer journeys, look for hard-sided travel cases that’ll keep your gear protected in the cargo hold. Padded interiors ensure your skis or snowboard aren’t getting scratched, so you’ll be ready to hit the slopes the minute you land.