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Telemark boots

Point your toes and go

Telemark skiing, also called tele-skiing or tele-ing, is a niche way to ski that feels equally at home on both groomed and backcountry runs. If you’re looking for a pair of boots to facilitate your next downhill adventure on toe-only bindings, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find telemark ski boots to help you hit lunges and carve sharp turns.

A few telemark tidbits

If you’re familiar with the world of telemark skiing (which, if you’re here, we assume you are), you’ll know that it’s a particularly unique way to hit the slopes. Named for Norway’s Telemark region, telemark skiing requires specialized boots and telemark bindings to keep your heels unlocked while you carve your way downhill. It’s like if Nordic skiing and alpine skiing had a baby, and that baby was a World Cup sport. Simple, right?

Telemark boot-buying tips

The most important thing to look for in telemark boots is that they accommodate all that extra flex. The boot should be tight enough to not allow your foot to move back and forth within the boot when you lunge, but not too tight that your toes get squashed. Check out our article on how to choose and fit ski boots for more info on how to find your perfect fit.