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Ski and snow goggles

Ski and snow goggles to protect your eyes on the slopes

Even on an overcast day, sun glare on the snow can make for a nasty obstacle. Whatever kind of skiing you’re doing, grabbing a pair of ski and snow goggles to wear will keep your eyes protected from the sun and your focus on the important things – like the snow under your skis and the terrain ahead.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a pair of ski goggles. Size and fit are vital to your comfort while you get through your day, so make sure your goggles fit comfortably with your ski helmet and any other gear you’re wearing before you hit the slopes. Keep an eye on whether the pair you’re looking at is made for bigger or smaller heads. You can also consider what types of lenses you’re looking for. Options like anti-scratch protection and anti-fog protection are common. Various types of tinting will filter the light that reaches your eyes so you can ski in comfort in all sorts of conditions.

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