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Rolling duffle bags and hard shell suitcases

How to choose a rolling duffle bag or a hard shell suitcase

Rolling duffle bags are the perfect intersection of a spacious duffle bag and a rolling suitcase. Hard shell suitcases offer the same ease of traveling as a rolling duffle bag but with a hard exterior to keep all your gear protected by a hard outer shell.

Before you choose your next luggage, here’s a few tips for choosing the best suitcase for your travels:

Size and capacity: The duration of your trip and how much you pack are key things to think about when choosing the size of your rolling travel bag; rolling duffle bags are more spacious since they have some give to them, but a bigger hard shell suitcase will still be just as spacious with some added protection.

Durability and material: To withstand the demands of travel, rolling duffle bags and hard shell suitcases are built with durable materials like nylon and reinforced stitching to ensure that your suitcase can take a few bumps.

Weight and portability: Consider the weight of your bag and cross-reference with airline restrictions.

In addition, features like internal compartments for organization, security features and fun designs are things to lookout for to make your travels as smooth as can be. Shop rolling duffle bags and hard shell suitcases from brands like Thule, MEC, Gregory and Osprey.