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Travel pillows

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    Get some shut-eye on the go

    Hoping to get in a quick nap on your next bumpy train ride or international flight? Grab a travel pillow to stay well-rested in any sleeping situation without sacrificing comfort.

    Rest up anywhere

    You’ll find uses for a compact travel pillow in a variety of places including trains, campsites, airport departure lounges and your friend’s couch that they’re graciously letting you crash on while you’re travelling. And it’s small enough that you can carry it with you wherever you go (especially if it comes with its own stuff sack).

    Like sleeping on air, literally

    An inflatable travel pillow means you can control its firmness and height using your breath. Inflate it only partially to cradle your head in cushiness or blow it up all the way for a stiff, supportive pillow. Once your travel pillow’s been inflated to your liking, lay back and catch some hard-earned Zs.

    Check your packing list

    Got everything you need for your next big trip? Double check using our handy-dandy travel packing checklist to make sure. Once your travel essentials are sorted, pick up a versatile, well-fitting travel pack to carry it all in. And while you’re here, consult our guide on how to pack a backpack to balance the load and make the most of your pack space.

    Just like that, you’re ready to go. Grab your passport and a travel pillow so you’re prepared for when the jet lag sets in.