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About canoes

Picking up a canoe is an exciting investment in your watersports journey.

Firstly, consider where you’re setting sail. If you're flatwater paddling on calm lakes, materials like aluminum or fiberglass will do. Other materials are better for rocky and rough rivers, like Kevlar which is durable enough to withstand a couple dings but light enough to portage.

If you’re portaging, check that the canoe you’re eyeing up has carry handles on the bow and stern, or a yoke that’s super sculpted to better distribute the weight on your shoulders. Take a quick inventory of how many friends are tagging along and how much gear you’re packing – some canoes are roomier and hold a bit more weight.

With so many requirements and features to consider, we’ve laid it all out for you with our article on how to choose a canoe so you can hit the water sooner.

Staying dry

Portage bags let you pack loads of gear and keep it all dry – a wet sleeping bag has never worked well for anyone.

Bringing lots of food? Gear barrels keep your snacks dry while keeping critters out (Bonus: they double as a camping stool for mid-portage breaks).

Leave nothing behind

Don’t forget to pack an extra PFD. With all the excitement budding for your big trip, it’s easy to leave a few things behind. Paddle stress-free after checking everything off on the canoe touring checklist.