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Safeguard your stuff on the water

You might enjoy the occasional splash while canoeing, kayaking or paddleboarding. But it's another story completely when water ruins your lunch, soaks your change of clothes, or damages your phone or GPS.

There's a simple solution: the humble dry bag. MEC carries dry bags from brands like Sea to Summit, SealLine and our own in-house MEC Label.

Waterproof protection on your next adventure

Dry bags are essentially waterproof sacks that protect what's inside from getting wet. Designs vary, but they're usually made of a waterproof material (like polyurethane-coated nylon) with sealed seams. Most are made to handle splashes or quick dunks but may not be fully waterproof for extended time under water.

Roll-top bags are the most popular style, but you'll also find totes, duffles and backpacks to make uphill portages more bearable. There’s a wide range of sizes, from little 5L dry bags for small essentials all the way to massive 150L versions for big expeditions.

But dry bags aren't just for paddlers. They’re also a go-to for hiking, camping and even as an added layer of protection on rainy bike rides. Plus, you can use them to transport things like a soggy wetsuit so your other stuff stays dry.