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Surf’s up

If you’re one to hit the waves, you know that a bit of chilly water won’t stop a day of surfing. You can still get out and surf in all water temps with the help of wetsuits and other neoprene gear.

Neoprene wetsuits keep you warm by storing a thin layer of water against your skin. Beyond wetsuits, which can cover up to your neck and down to your ankles, neoprene accessories like neoprene hoods can help ensure that even less heat escapes your body when you're trying to get your surf on. Check out our article on how to choose a wetsuit for more info on the benefits of neoprene and different styles of wetsuits.

Rashguards and sunguards protect your skin from sun exposure (along with sunscreen) and friction rashes when you’re surfing in warmer weather. These long sleeve or short sleeve shirts are quick drying and stretchy for optimal movement.

Pick up some wetsuit and neoprene care on your way out to keep your surf gear in tip top shape for a great surf season year after year.