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Beach towels to dry off after a dip

Air-drying in the sun might work for some people, but when you want to dry off and get back to enjoying your day on the water, a beach towel will get you there faster.

Beach towels have a lot in common with their bathroom-dwelling cousins. Absorbency is the name of the game: these towels are here to help you dry off quick without getting weighed down and soggy. A range of size options means that whether you need to dry your face after brushing your teeth or wrap yourself up after that polar bear dip, you’ll have just the right amount of towel you need to get the job done.

There are two main types of materials you’ll see in towels: cotton and synthetic. A cotton towel will be softer on your skin, making them especially comfortable to use as blankets or capes. Synthetic towels have greater absorbency, meaning they can mop up a lot more water before getting soaked through – plus they’ll dry quickly. Synthetic blends offer the best of both worlds if you’re looking for a balance. Many beach towels also include features like antimicrobial treatments to keep things fresh and hanging loops that make it easy to hang your towel up to dry.

If you want to size up from your beach towel, check out beach mats and sun shades for beach blankets to lounge on once you’ve dried off.