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Swimming fitness and training gear to keep you moving

Getting ready to swim some laps? Whether you’re preparing for a race or just looking to keep yourself healthy, swimming is great exercise. When you’re ready to dive in, make sure you’ve got the right gear to do it in comfort.

Taking the dive

Getting suited up is the first step to a great swim session. Tri suits are a solid option when you’re looking for versatility and durability. Designed to stand up to frequent training sessions (and frequent chlorine exposure), they’ll keep you covered and comfortable so you can focus on your routine.

It's not all about the swimwear. Fins and swim aids are a great option for those looking for additional speed or comfort in the water, and the right towel is a necessity for bundling up after any swim session.

Tracking your progress

If you want to keep a close eye on your performance, investing in a swim training electronic device is a great option. Many fitness watches are swim-friendly, meaning you can keep an eye on your biometrics and track the progress you make during your training without worrying about getting it waterlogged.