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Paddling gloves

Warm hands are happy hands

Don’t let the cold temps keep you off the water. From kayaking in Deep Cove to surfing the Great Lakes, paddling gloves help your hands stay warm when the water temperatures drop. With features like grippy palms and fingertips, paddling gloves also help you maintain a comfortable grip on your paddle, prevent blisters, and are a safety must for cold temps.

Protect your fingers with paddling gloves

Many paddling gloves are made with warm-when-wet neoprene to give you some dexterity in cold water. Neoprene thickness is measured in millimetres – the higher the millimetre number, the warmer the gloves. Check out our article on how to choose a wetsuit for tips on which gloves to choose based on the water temperatures.

Most designs feature stretchy wrist closures to make them easier to take on and off. And when you’re not wearing them, some pairs attach together with convenient snaps, so you’re not left wondering what happened to the other glove.

MEC has paddling gloves from well-known names like NRS and Level Six. If you’re building your paddling set-up, also check out our article on how to choose a PFD.