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Sup and paddleboarding

About paddleboarding

Itching to get back on the water at the first sign of warm weather? Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first board or a seasoned pro adding to your collection, look no further than paddleboards from brands like Level Six and NRS.

Inflatable paddleboards are light for easy transportation and roll up to the size of a sleeping bag. Backpack-like carrying cases give you car to beach comfort. While more durable against bumps, inflatable paddleboards take time to inflate before hitting the water.

Hard paddleboards are a bit trickier for transportation – bringing it in the car requires a roof rack and are best if you paddle locally. There’s no waiting for them to inflate or deflate, so they’re ideal for the grab and go paddler. If paddleboard surfing or racing is your thing, hard paddleboards are agile and have better glide for hitting waves and making distance.

A leash and paddle are necessary accessories, and most paddleboards come with them to get you started. Browse more styles if your paddling accessories got lost or you’re looking for an upgrade.

After choosing your paddleboard, the next step before you head down to the beach is picking up a PFD.

Check out our article on how to choose a stand up paddleboard for a more in-depth look at the different types of paddleboards.