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Introducing the MEC Anniversary Collection

July 15, 2021

Found in Gear

Mark your calendar – the most anticipated outdoor collection of the last five decades drops on July 22, 2021. We cracked open the heritage vault to bring back a limited-edition run of your favourite MEC designs.

The level of detail that went into remaking these classics was huge. Old patterns were long lost, but our Vancouver-based MEC Label team was determined to stay true to the originals that members loved so much.

A collage of old MEC catalogue photos, showing images in studio and out in nature

To create the collection, we hunted down vintage pieces and scoured our archives, then reverse-engineered patterns, fabrics, even zipper pulls to bring them into the modern era. Our favourite part? The update to more sustainable bluesign® approved fabrics, plus recycled fleece, organic cotton and Fair Trade Certified products.

When it came time for the photoshoot, we stuck to MEC catalog tradition. All the models you see below are awesome MEC staffers and family members.

If you’ve been a part of MEC for years, thank you. We hope this collection sparks memories of hiking trips and camping weekends, canoe portages and climbing buddies, adventures and misadventures. Cheers to 50 more years of the outdoors.

Anniversary Cornice Jacket

Never call last run, especially when it comes to gear. The Cornice was our warmest fleece in the 1990s – early versions even matched up with our one-piece skiing wind suit. This 1994 re-release has retro features (hello, pit zips) in recycled Polartec® fleece with bluesign® approved fabric for a reduced environmental footprint.

Two people wearing vintage looking MEC fleece jackets in 90s colours like blue spruce and royal purple
Three people sitting on rocks next to a river, wearing MEC fleece jackets that look like they're from the 1990s

Anniversary Polarplus Pullover

In our 1990 catalogue, we said “we just might have reached perfection with this one.” So why mess with an awesome thing? The high collar, taffeta layers and pleated chest pocket are just as functional as ever. Made with plush recycled Polartec fleece in a relaxed fit.

Person wearing a blue and royal purple coloured fleece jacket
Three people in a photo studio wearing vintage-looking MEC outfits

Anniversary Polar Fleece Jacket for kids

The kids’ anniversary fleece comes with a big hood to fit over hats and is just as cozy as the grown up version. The soft fleece is 100% recycled content.

Two young kids wearing blue and teal fleece jackets in a photo studio
Child wearing a vintage-looking MEC fleece jacket walking across a log while smiling

Anniversary Pika Plus Pack

The Pika Pack was top of the list for “things you wish we still made” – so it’s back. Our first Pika line launched in 1987 and many are still regularly spotted outdoors. This ’95 replica is made with near-indestructible 600-denier polyester to survive years of carrying potential.

A purple and black MEC Pika Plus pack on a rock

Toque and caps

MEC catalogs of yesteryear had a huge variety of headwear (some of which was better to stay hidden in the vault). Our anniversary hats bring back fun materials and heritage logo vibes, but in more modern designs. Choose from a merino-blend toque, a fuzzy Polarplus fleece cap, or a 5-panel hat made with the same fabric as Rad Pants.

Person wearing a grey MEC toque. Another person wearing a purple fleece cap.
Person wearing a black MEC cap in front of a boulder coiling climbing rope

Rad Pants

One word: legendary. Rad Pants were practically a uniform for climbers, hikers, treeplanters and outdoor ed students in the 1990s. Roomy pockets, bugproof cuffs and a rainbow of colours over the years. This year’s limited edition Rad Pants are true to their roots, with an improved fit for the women’s designs – and now available in kids’ sizes too.

Two images of rust coloured MEC Rad Pants, one in a photo studio in a 90s catalogue pose with their foot on a rock, the other outside in climbing gear doing up their shoes
Two people wearing cuffed MEC Rad Pants in purple and black, standing next to a river

Rad Pants for kids

How’d it take 50 years to make Rad Pants in kids’ sizes? For the first time ever, mini Rad Pants are available and the family photoshoot potential is through the roof. Great for the next generation of hikers, campers and paddlers.

Kids in a photo studio in various poses, all wearing cuffed MEC Rad Pants in blue, purple and teal

Anniversary Travel Pocket

Thirty years ago, this pouch hit the scene as a state-of-the-art fanny pack. The heritage release brings it all back: mountain label, chunky zippers, and the perfect amount of pockets. Your ideal sidekick for bike rides, day hikes, road trips and around town.

Two fanny packs sitting on a rock

Throwback designs and prints

Fun fact: there’s a huge stack of old catalogs, photos and ad clippings in the MEC office. It’s a jumble of boxes and binders full of gems. To commemorate past designs, we dug up vintage prints for tees, pullovers and totes.

Two people wearing t-shirts with 90s looking graphics on them; one is a whale, the other is a person climbing with the words Climb On
Person wearing a t-shirt with an MEC 50 logo, another person with a tote bag that has outdoor words printed on it

Anniversary Polaralls

Before you ask: sorry, these don’t come in adult sizes. The original pattern for Polaralls was long gone, so designers studied the 1994 catalogue photo to recreate them. Super cozy and practical, thanks to the Velcro straps and zippered crotch for keep-them-warm changing.

Two young kids wearing fleece overalls in a photo studio; the overalls are teal and pink

Anniversary Toaster Earflap

The anniversary version of the well-loved Toaster Earflap toque in classic colours you may have loved when you were a kid. Matches with the Polaralls and the iconic Toaster Suit.

Kid wearing a teal hat with ear flaps

Anniversary Toaster Suit

A special edition of the Toaster Suit in heritage colours with the mountain logo front and centre. These suits have been a hit with parents for decades, often getting handed down multiple times. They’re hugely popular – get set now before the snow falls.

Kids wearing insulated toaster suits in teal and purple

We’re looking forward to seeing these iconic pieces out in the wild again, and we can’t wait to see what you get up to out there.

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