MSR Miniworks/WaterWorks Ceramic Element


MSR Miniworks/WaterWorks Ceramic Element

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A replacement filter for all MSR® filters (including older MiniWorks and WaterWorks models). The ceramic outer layer removes larger bacteria, and protozoa. This layer can be repeatedly cleaned for ease of pumping and faster output. A carbon core reduces concentrations of some chemicals, including iodine, chlorine, and pesticides, and improves the smell and taste of the water.

  • Made of ceramic, carbon, and plastic.
  • Filter elements should be replaced when any part of it fits through the gauge supplied with MSR water filters.
  • Effective against all protozoa, and larger bacteria, some chemicals (including iodine and chlorine).
  • Improves flow rate of older filters by up to 25%.

Tech specs

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Weight 114g
Ideal for
  • Camping and hiking
  • Backpacking
Made in USA