Atlas 1130 Snowshoes


Atlas 1130 Snowshoes

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Excellent all around snowshoes for backcountry hiking and mountaineering. The bindings are separately moulded for left and right feet. They feature single-pull loops, easy Fast-Loc™ buckles, and a secure, padded switchback webbing design that eliminates pressure points.

  • 6061 aluminum in a stiff proprietary V-shape.
  • Spring-loaded suspension provides natural foot positioning on varied terrain.
  • Stainless steel Traverse Trac™ side traction rails provide downhill braking and traversing stability.
  • Crampons have shovel-shaped prongs and very sharp end points.
  • Heel lift for use on steep terrain.
  • Remember to consider snowpack conditions and weights of user, pack, and winter clothing when sizing snowshoes.

Tech specs

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Heel lift

Indicates if the snowshoe has a heel lift or not. Heel lifts reduce calf strain on uphill climbs.

Made in China