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Meet your new favourite winter activity

Is it safe to say that snowshoeing is somewhat underrated in the world of winter activities? Maybe so, but we’re more than happy to introduce folks to the wonderful world of snowshoes. MEC has snowshoes from MSR, Tubbs, Atlas and more.

Step into the snow

Snowshoeing is so much more than just the winter equivalent of hiking. Nothing beats breaking trails through fresh powder or navigating a winter wonderlands of trails. It’s also an incredibly easy sport to get into (check out our beginner snowshoe tips), as snowshoes are easy to put on, keep you floating on snow, and give you traction on hard-packed routes.

Finding your footing

When looking into how to choose the right snowshoes, an important factor is to consider the type of terrain you’ll be traversing.

Beginners should steer towards snowshoes built for flatter trails, with moderate traction and less fancy features. If you want a bit of a challenge in steeper terrain, snowshoes with crampon grips really dig into the elements – and heel lifts can give your calves a break.

When it comes to materials – metal or plastic – the latter tending to be a cost-friendlier option. Other considerations when picking a pair include your shoe size and the weight of both you and your pack – chat with MEC team in-person or online if you have any questions.