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Colltex Extreme Skins - Unisex


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Cut-to-fit skins made of mohair for secure grip when climbing and superior glide with each stride. Because mohair fibers are hollow inside they remain flexible and soft even at very low temperatures and prevent ice and snow build up. The result is a skin that is fast and exceptionally smooth gliding in all temperatures. Perfect for rando racing and long tours or traverses.

  • Material is 100% mohair with a water-repellent treatment and waterproof membrane layer
  • Edge + technology prevents edge fraying so you don't have to seal the edges after you cut the skin to fit
  • Camlock+ tail attachment uses plastic end hook on a synthetic strap that clamps onto ski tails of all widths and thicknesses
  • Wire bail tip attachment is simple and lightweight
  • Uses regular Colltex adhesive (not CT40 Colltext Glue)
  • Includes protective mesh sheets and a storage bag
  • Includes cutting tool for fitting to skis. If your skis are on the edge of a size, we suggest you choose the smaller one
  • 120 fits waists of 120 and less. 120 Small fits 161-170cm, 120 Med fits 171-180cm, 120 Large fits 181-190, 120 XL fits 191-200cm
  • 140 fits waists of 140 or less. 140 Small fits 161-170cm, 140 Med fits 171-180cm, 140 Large fits 181-190, 140 XL fits 191-200cm

Tech specs

Weight616g (W140mm x 155cm L161-170cm)
616g (Red W140mm x 155cm L161-170cm)
Ideal for
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Off-track touring
Length155 cm, 165 cm, 175 cm, 185cm
Width120mm (W120mm x 155cm L161-170cm)
120mm (W120mm x 165cm L171-180cm)
120mm (W120mm x 175cm L181-190cm)
120mm (W120mm x 185cm L191-200cm)
140mm (W140mm x 155cm L161-170cm)
140mm (W140mm x 165cm L171-180cm)
140mm (W140mm x 175cm L181-190cm)
140mm (W140mm x 185cm L191-200cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 155cm L161-170cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 165cm L171-180cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 175cm L181-190cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 185cm L191-200cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 155cm L161-170cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 165cm L171-180cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 175cm L181-190cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 185cm L191-200cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 150cm L156-165cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 160cm L166-175cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 170cm L176-185cm)
120mm (Red W120mm x 180cm L186-195cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 150cm L156-165cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 160cm L166-175cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 170cm L176-185cm)
140mm (Red W140mm x 180cm L186-195cm)
120mm (W120mm x 150cm L156-165cm)
120mm (W120mm x 160cm L166-175cm)
120mm (W120mm x 170cm L176-185cm)
120mm (W120mm x 180cm L186-195cm)
140mm (W140mm x 150cm L156-165cm)
140mm (W140mm x 160cm L166-175cm)
140mm (W140mm x 170cm L176-185cm)
140mm (W140mm x 180cm L186-195cm)
Made inSwitzerland

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