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Climbing skins for the toughest backcountry ascents

When you’re touring through the backcountry, sometimes you’ll find yourself needing to ski up a hill instead of down it. Sure, you could ditch the skis and hike your way up, or shuffle up sideways, but why make your day harder when a pair of climbing skins for your skis will do the job?

Climbing skins are designed to adhere to the bottoms of your skis while you ascend hills. They let your skis slide forward in the snow, but prevent them from sliding back, so you’re not losing progress every time you shift your weight.

Backcountry ski skins are the place to start your shopping, with a selection of skins to choose from depending on what kinds of skis you have. Many options can be trimmed to fit your skis, too, so keep an eye out for customizable options.

Ski crampons are another great option to add some traction to your ascents. They work in a similar way to climbing skins, but offer a more secure way to dig into crusty snow so you can be confident while you climb.

Ski skin accessories offer supplies for repairing and maintaining your climbing skins. Take a look to make sure yours last through plenty of slopes.