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About Binary Holds

Whether you’re putting together an at-home climbing wall or looking for specific climbing holds for the crux of your next gym route, Binary Holds can get you there. Their fully recycled climbing holds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the only limit when you’re programming your next big proj is your own imagination.

Set ‘em and forget ‘em

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Binary Holds makes simple, uncluttered shapes so you can set your climbs with a clear mind. Jugs, slopers, crimps, footholds… the list goes on. Their ABS holds are made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials using a vacuum thermoforming process. Basically, recycled plastics go in and durable, dependable climbing holds come out.

Sustainable sending

Binary Holds’ commitment to keeping plastics out of landfills doesn’t stop there — their holds can also be recycled. Through a circular process, the used ABS is shredded and pressed into brand new holds with a whole life ahead of them. Just send your used holds back to Binary when they’ve run their course, and they’ll recycle them for you. How about that?

Pull on your climbing shoes, check out our rock climbing and bouldering tips to refresh yourself on things like climbing grade conversions, and get ready to set your next masterpiece.