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About Kryptonite

The infamous u-lock invention was constructed by Stan Kaplan, who later joined up with creative Michael Zane to create Kryptonite.

A staple Kryptonite tale originates in 1971 when a bike shop in New York locked a bike to a signpost in Greenwich Village using a Kryptonite lock. The bike frame remained there for 30 days and 30 nights even the most persistent bike thieves could not crack the code. When the public caught eye of such security it boosted Kryptonite's rep in the streets and changed the face of bike security forever.

Throughout the years Kryptonite has continued to develop new lock technology that keeps them ahead of the competition and the bike thieves.

Kryptonite locks come in 3 different colour modes:

  • Black: Basic security
  • Gray: Moderate security
  • Orange: High security
  • Yellow: Ultimate security

You can find these colour codes on the various locks Kryptonite supplies, including the cable locks, U-locks, combo locks, and chain locks.

If you want to know how to lock your bike, or what the best bike lock for you is, head over to your local MEC bike shop.