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About Whittaker’s

Whittaker’s is one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in the world, founded in 1896 by J.H Whittaker in New Zealand. Whittaker took pride in creating the best tasting chocolate using only the finest and most natural ingredients. After years of working as a confectioner he developed a taste for cocoa, and he set out on a mission that would bring Whittaker’s chocolate to an international level.

Whittaker’s is the perfect snack for any occasion, whether you are hiking, cycling or just enjoying a tasty treat.

Whittaker’s and sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, Whittaker’s ensures that every chocolate they produce is made with ethically sourced cocoa beans. Whittaker’s production values consist of:

  • Palm oil free production
  • No GMO ingredients in their chocolate
  • All cocoa sourced from the Rainforest Alliance Certified farms

Whether you're savoring a chocolate slab, indulging in a fruit and nut bar, or enjoying a classic creamy milk chocolate bar, Whittaker’s guarantees that the only guilt you’ll feel is whether you can resist finishing the entire bar in one sitting.