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About WPL

A father and son duo, consisting of a chemist and a downhill mountain bike racer wanted to produce bike maintenance products that were reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. With their desire there came an outcome, in 2014 Whistler Performance Lubricants (WPL) was founded.

To develop premium bike maintenance products, they had to try and test their products in practical situations. So, before they mass produce any of their proeucts, they race test them in Whistler, BC with some of the best racers the sport has to offer.

Performance is only half of the test; WPL focuses on producing premium bio-based bicycle maintenance products without the use of petrochemicals, PTFE’s, or toxic chemicals that can harm the environment and the rider.

The ingredients in their products consist of:

  • Natural antioxidants – Sourced from plants to preserve and extend the lifetime of their formulas
  • Oleochemicals – derived from plant and animal fats
  • Seed oils – extracted from seeds such as canola, hemp, and corn

If you are in the market for environmentally friendly bike maintenance products look no further than WPL. If you need help to know which product works best for you, give your local MEC bike shop a visit.