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About Opinel

Opinel’s history started in a small village located in the French Alps with the invention of the pocketknife in the 1890s by Joseph Opinel. He had an idea of making his knives into different sizes which would be suitable for different hand sizes and different tasks, from that the Opinel numbering system from 1-12 was born.

The quality craftsmanship that goes into Opinel products help expand the longevity and increase the functionality of their tools. Their blades are made with stainless steel which helps with corrosion resistance and edge retention, and the signature handles are made from beechwood to keep them light and looking sleek.

Opinel tools are perfect for camping trips, outdoor cooking and other outdoor activities that require an edge.

Opinel and the environment

Opinel is committed to protecting the environment through production and education. Some key initiatives Opinel practices include:

  • Harvesting 95% of their wood from eco managed French farms
  • Eco-friendly production by practicing proper waste management
  • Providing employees with eco-friendly transportation

Protecting the environment has always been a part of Opinel’s DNA and with an Opinel it can be a part of yours too.