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Tumblers and vacuum bottles

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    Vacuum-insulated bottles and tumblers for keeping hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold

    When you’re staying active in the outdoors, the implements needed to heat and cool your food might not be accessible round-the-clock. And if you’ve gone through the trouble of boiling water for a hot coffee in the morning or treating some chilly water in advance of the next leg of your hike, you’d probably like it to stay the same temp for at least a minute or two. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

    Vacuum bottles use a special double-walled insulation that keeps the bottle’s contents the same temperature for much longer than a regular stainless steel bottle. This construction creates an almost-vacuum between the two walls that reduces heat transfer from the inside, keeping your drinks at the temp you want while basically eliminating condensation (or “sweating”) on the outside surface of the bottle. You can’t argue with that.

    For some tried and true vacuum bottles and tumblers, Yeti, Hydro Flask and GSI are mainstays in the vacuum bottle game. And to get the most out of that new bottle, pick up a few hot beverages to pack with you next time you wander into the backcountry. Your taste buds (and potentially your newly caffeinated brain) will thank you.