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Filter before you fill up

A water filter will be an essential part of your kit if you plan on venturing out into the backcountry for multiple days at a time. When clean water’s in short supply, a water filter will let you stop at a source, set up a purification system and produce drinkable water for you and your hiking crew. Read on to learn about different kinds of water filters and how to care for them.

Find your favourite filter

Water filters work by manually straining larger pathogens out of the water through a filter. Pump filters work well for treating small amounts of water, but larger groups might want to invest in a gravity filter for efficiency’s sake. It’s also worth noting that manual filters usually can’t eliminate viruses and they might sustain damage if dropped, so you can bring some water treatment tablets or drops to use in tandem for peace of mind.

Treatment tips

Make sure to take your filter apart and let it air dry after use to avoid mold and mildew, clean it only when you need to, and avoid passing silty water through a pump filter before letting it settle first. For a comprehensive breakdown of on-the-go water purification, check out our backcountry water treatment guide before you drink up.