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Camping lanterns

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    Camping lanterns to light the way after sunset

    You’re in the backcountry. You’ve found the perfect spot to spend the night. You’ve pitched your tent, you’ve had your dinner, and now it’s time to get ready for bed… but it’s gotten dark, and as it turns out, it’s way harder to sort through gear or avoid ankle-twisting roots when you can’t see properly.

    Camping lanterns are here to solve that problem. Where a flashlight might be better for navigating in the dark or looking at things that are farther away, camping lanterns specialize in illuminating an area, like a campsite or the inside of a tent. And if you need to go looking for the bathroom in the middle of the night, just pick one up and take it with you to light the way.

    Camping lanterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the setup you’re going for. String lights are great to hang from trees or structures and can be used to border your campsite. Singular lanterns that you can place or hang are great on tables, in tents, or anywhere else you can spare a little space to put them. Different lanterns also offer options like solar powered, power bank functionality to charge your devices and gentle colour options to preserve your night vision.