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Mosquito repellent and bug spray

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    Keep bugs at bay with bug spray and insect repellent

    Bug sprays defend right at the source – your skin. They discourage bites and protect from diseases that bugs may carry if they get close enough to bite. Big bottles of bug spray are great to have on hand for days of application. Travel size bottles pop in your waist pack for on-the-go retouches or for packing the lightest possible hiking setup. If you have an intolerance to DEET or are looking for a child-safe option, all-natural bug sprays with relaxing scents like eucalyptus are up for your selection.

    Bug repellers are stand-alone gadgets that don’t require bodily application and are scent-free. Just place your repeller at your camp site or anywhere you want to be free from bugs. Follow the instructions for setting it up and voila – bugs stay meters away from you. Whether you’re deep in the backcountry battling blackflies or in your own backyard brawling with mosquitos, repellers create a zone that’s meters long to keep your camp site hangout or backyard get together bug-free.

    Wondering what to do if you’ve been bitten? After bite and tick tweezers help alleviate itch and prevent infection.

    If you’re looking for a bit more guidance on DEET bug sprays, DEET-free options or other forms of bug protection, head over to our article on how to choose bug spray and bug nets.