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Health and safety supplies to keep you clean and prepared

Even when you’re roughing it in the backcountry, health and safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Whether it’s the supplies you need to get through an emergency or the toiletries that’ll keep you comfortable through days without a proper shower, make sure you’ve got what you need to get through your trip in one piece (and smelling good, too).

To bring some homey comforts on the road, check out bath and sanitation products. Biodegradable soaps are a great option for bathing outdoors, while options like sun protection keep you safe and comfortable.

Emergency and survival gear is a must-have on any wilderness outing. From whistles and fire starters to pre-built survival kits, these tools are a great asset if things go sideways – trust us, it’s always better to be prepared than not.

Bug protection not only prevents the discomfort of being covered in itchy bug bites (ouch), but can also keep you safe from illnesses carried by bugs like mosquitos. Avoiding both is your ticket to a much more comfortable trip.

First aid kits and supplies are great not only for emergencies, but for everyday bumps and bruises. No matter the trip you’re going on, be prepared for everything from scraped knees to CPR.

Finally, if you’re headed into bear country, it’s important to keep bear safety in mind. Your food storage plan is especially important, and simple tools like bear bells can help ensure you avoid running into any unwelcome furry friends.