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Tarps and light shelters

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Camping tarps and ultralight shelters to protect you from the elements

If you’re looking to build the lightest possible camping setup camping tarps are a great option. Compared to backpacking tents, tarps are lighter and more cost-effective. Tarps slip seamlessly into your backpack and take up little space.

That said, you won’t be as protected from the weather. However, tarps are versatile, and their setup can be altered to provide more protection for the conditions you face when you’re high in the mountains or deep in the woods. Set the tarp on an angle behind you to shelter from wind or pitch it directly above you as a roof.

Car camping tarps are a go-to for a shady place to hang out and read a book. Attach the tarp directly to the top of your car or a roof rack for a quick place to hideaway from rain. Touch up your tarp with waterproofing spray for added protection from wet conditions.

Ultralight shelters are neither a tent nor a tarp. With 4 walls and a roof, ultralight shelters offer an ultralight setup with added protection from bugs.

Perfect for front-country camping or a trip to the beach, bottomless shelters fit over a picnic table, and no floor means no spills to clean up. Shelters are a go-to if you don’t want to lug around a tent but need extra protection from early-season bugs.