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Cleaning & waterproofing

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    Keep your gear in mint condition with cleaners and waterproofers

    From regular sends in your climbing shoes to hiking muddy trails, the gear you use is bound to need a touch up from time to time.

    Get squeaky clean

    Using a gear cleaner instead of household cleaners saves you from a lot of heartache. Gear cleaners are designed with waterproof gear in mind, so they don’t leave any residue that can prevent durable water repellency from doing its job.

    Gear cleaners from brands like Grangers and Nikwax clean up all your gear from tents and packs to rain jackets and pants (bonus: lots of them are Bluesign® approved). Spot treat using the same cleaner for touch ups on small stains.

    Odour eliminators keep all your shoes stink-free. Spray your climbing shoes, running shoes or summer sandals to keep them smelling fresh.

    Keep dry

    Seams are where water is most likely to leak in if they aren’t sealed properly. Sealants help patch up tent flies and delaminating backpacks, so you don’t have to call it a day when an unexpected downpour happens. Seam sealers also help patch up waterproof shoes for rainy days and splashing in puddles.

    If you’ve noticed that water is no longer beading off your waterproof gear and is starting to seep through, it’s time to re-waterproof. Pre-wash with a gear cleaner and then wash again with a waterproof treatment to restore the durable water repellency finish on your gear. For extra waterproofness, use a spray-on treatment after washing or for quick touch ups.