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Bungee cords and accessory cords for endless utility

It’s hard to overstate the number of problems you can solve with a bit of rope and some creativity. Bungee cords and accessory cords can provide one half of that equation, so when inspiration strikes, you’ll be equipped to bring your vision to life.

Bungee cords and ties are a dynamic option for when you need a bit of flexibility on hand. With the stretchiness they offer, they’re extremely versatile and can adjust to meet a number of different needs. Bungee cords with hooked ends eliminate the need to tie knots, meaning you can put up your tarp or tie down the contents of your truck in moments. Flexible rubber gear ties offer similar benefits on a smaller scale, a great option for managing unwieldy tent lines, keeping together bundles of rope or even doing quick repairs in a pinch.

Static accessory cords mostly cover smaller, thinner ropes than what would be appropriate for climbing. But don’t let that fool you: these slim utility cords have endless applications. In addition to some being great for Prussik knots, accessory cords can be used to tie up gear, make quick repairs, string up clotheslines and more. For any use where you don’t want your line to stretch, static accessory cords are what you want to have in your back pocket.