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Bungee cords and ties to keep your campsite under control

To those who enjoy being organized and prepared, rejoice! Bungee cords and ties are here to keep things tidy. Though similar to their static neighbours, accessory cords, bungee cords and ties offer more flexibility in your setup, allowing you to make use of the same handful of equipment in a variety of different circumstances.

Bungee cords are strong, stretchy lengths of cord with durable rubber cores. They come equipped with sturdy hooks at each end, allowing them to be tethered to anchors or to each other. This makes them excellent for things like setting up tarps, tethering gear or securing cargo in or on top of a vehicle.

Stretchy cords without the hooked ends are called shock cords, which have similar construction to bungee cords but slightly different uses. One unique use for shock cord is tent pole repair, as shock cord can be fed into tent poles whose cords have been damaged to replace them.

Gear ties are strong, reusable twist-ties that are great for gear management on a smaller scale. They can be used to organize loose rope, hang lanterns or make quick repairs in the field. Their small size makes them easy to throw in your pack – just in case you end up needing one in a pinch.