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The right tool

Why carry around a toolbox when you can own a multi-tool and have all the tools you need in the palm of your hand. Multi-tools are a great addition to your arsenal due to their utility, portability, and versatility. In addition, multi-tools are best for everyday use around the house, chopping up vegetables while camping or adjusting a derailleur limit screw while cycling.

With the user-friendly compact design of multi-tools, you can store your multi-tool almost anywhere including in your pockets, backpack, and saddlebag.

Not all multi-tools are the same, they usually come with pliers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, scissors, and other cutting tools. But some multi-tools will have specialized tools that distinguish them from others. Such as a firestarter, whistle, can opener, or a ruler. Knowing what you want to use your multi-tool for, and the tools needed to do the job is important. If you’re unsure what multi-tool would work best for you, visit or call your local MEC store and a helpful advisor can help you walk through the steps for finding the right multi-tool for the job.