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Crampons that’ll keep your feet exactly where you need them

Icy terrain is no joke. When you’re gearing up for a mountaineering expedition or a winter hike, you want to make sure you’ve got the right equipment to stay safe and make the most of your time and energy. Our selection of crampons is a great place to get started, especially when it comes to keeping your feet under you.

How to pick crampons

Different crampons are designed with different activities in mind, so knowing what your plans are is an important part of choosing your gear. The basics to keep in mind while you shop are:

  • Number of points
  • Frame material
  • Bindings

Number of points

Generally speaking, the more points a crampon has, the more technical and serious it is. Walking and general mountaineering crampons will have 8 or 10 points, while more technical mountaineering or ice climbing models will offer 12, 14, or more.

Frame material

Steel is durable and great for general mountaineering. Stainless steel protects against corrosion over time. Aluminum is lightweight but will wear out much faster than steel.


Strap-on bindings work with almost any boot. Step-in bindings are easy to manage with gloves on. Hybrid bindings offer some benefits of both.

Don’t forget the right footwear for the job – check out our selection of mountaineering boots to pair with your crampons. Looking for a more casual option? Try a traction device to add confidence in everyday icy conditions.