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Chalk up and start sending

Other than a trusty pair of climbing shoes, chalk might be the most important thing to keep with you on a day spent climbing. At the gym or the crag, a bag of quality chalk will keep your hands dry, enhance your grip and boost your confidence on the wall. Here, you’ll find a variety of chalk types and consistencies to suit any climber.

Choose your chalk

As you might have guessed, not all chalk is created equal. There’s chunky chalk, fine chalk, liquid chalk… the list goes on. The type of chalk you use is largely up to personal preference — you can even buy a block of chalk to grind into your favourite consistency yourself, if you like. But it all serves the same purpose, so try out a few different types and brands of chalk and go with what feels best for you.

Dust off your chalk accessories

Once you’ve settled on chalk from brands like Midnight Lightning, Flashed or Friction Labs, you might want some chalk-related accessories to make your next ascent a breeze. Grab a chalk bag or chalk bucket to carry loose chalk in, and a climbing brush to clear holds of any excess powder in-between attempts. Just try not to sneeze.