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Perfect your balancing act

A great activity to set up for a little frontcountry fun, a slackline can take your afternoon by the lakeside or BBQ hangout from lax to lively in no time. When there’s a lull in conversation or you get the itch to do something sporty, haul your slackline out to the campsite for an easy source of outdoor fun for all ages. All you need are two sturdy trees, some friends and a little bit of courage.

Cut yourself some slack

Slacklining is a unique skill to pick up for impressing your pals or passing time at the campground. Once you’ve mastered the art of balancing and walking, you can move on to pivoting and even tricking on the slackline. There are even slacklines with included guide ropes for kids, so your young ones can play around safely. Not sure where to start? Aptly named Slackline Industries has everything you need.

Fun in the sun

If you’ve venturing out for some outdoor fun this season, we’ve got a few tips that might come in handy. It’s always good to refresh yourself on Sun Safety 101 and how to layer for outdoor activities to stay cool and comfortable in nature. So slather on some sunscreen, slip off (or keep on) your shoes and cue the training montage — you’re about to become a slacklining pro.